Exciting Escapes!

Experience an exciting escape game right in your living room. Book our escape game and let us bring the fun right to your doorstep! We bring the game, and you have 60 minutes to put your heads together and solve the puzzles!

Multiple games available

pirate, beer, skeleton-2657716.jpg
Find the pirate's treasure

You have 60 minutes to find the Pirate's treasure.
Great for groups between 2 - 10 people

incantation, conjuration, spell-5337079.jpg
Help the wizards escape

You have 60 minutes to help the wizard escape.
Great for groups between 2 - 10 people

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Loved by Many

We loved playing the pirate chest escape game! My entire family had loads of fun.
Jessica Sommer
Amazing experience!
captain, famous people, film-1296107.jpg
Arno Bakker
This is one of the most fun experiences I have had in Aruba. Will definitely be back to try another game!
Bryan Lambert
This was so much fun. Thank you!
Kristin Foster